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jiulong county zhongchuan mining co., ltd,which is a subsidiary of cck group, is mainly engaged in mining exploration, development, sales of mineral products, water conservancy, hydropower, tunnels, highways, and construction projects. founded in 2010, the company has a registered capital of 50 million and is headquartered in chengdu chuankai industrial park.

the mining area is located in the southeast direction of jiulong county, with a horizontal distance of about 20 kilometers. it is the largest spodumene mine and methyl card lithium mine in asia.  

based on china's development, zhongchuan mining is committed to becoming the world's top ten lithium beryllium ore producer. 

the company adhere to the core values of “dedication to create value and share development results”, and strive to care for employees, return shareholders and contribute to society.

the company strives to build an industrial operation platform and a capital operation platform. in the next three to five years, the company will achieve strategic transformation and upgrading, and will grow from a single mineral development and utilization provider to a comprehensive mineral resources professional service provider.