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founded in 2007, chuankai valve co., ltd. is located in shuangliu district, chengdu city, sichuan province. it is one of the core subsidiaries of chuankai group and an important part of the group's equipment manufacturing industry. since its foundation, the company has successfully developed safety valves, gas (electric) regulating valves, gate valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, globe valves, check valves and other special control valves and valve accessories. the company has obtained the people's republic of china special equipment manufacturing license (ts-a1\a2\b1\b2), and its products have been widely used in various fluid control fields with high quality, high reliability and high safety.

chuankai valve co., ltd. has always won the praise of customers with first-class product quality, advanced technology, perfect manufacturing system, rich design experience, honest and pragmatic business philosophy and meticulous after-sales service. the company has a group of outstanding professional professional r & d, design, manufacturing, sales, quality, technical consulting, maintenance and other integrated professional services team. we use advanced office software such as cad/capp/cam to establish a product data management system (pdm) to manage product design and manufacturing process. in the design, development, production, product protection, installation, service process, we strictly implement gb/t19001, gb/t24001,gb/t28001 and gb/t19022 ,which is a guarantee for product safety and reliability.

chuankai valve co., ltd. has customers in all provinces of the country. its industries are divided into chemical industry, three barrels of oil, military industry, real estate, sewage treatment and other industries.

our company always adheres to the principle of “continuous improvement, innovative development” to improve the quality/occupational health and safety/environmental awareness and skills of all employees, and implements the principle of “continuous improvement and innovation development” to customers and related parties.

focus on the protection of occupational health and life safety of employees and related personnel, we are aim to improve environmental quality, reduce pollutants and waste emissions, reduce energy and resource consumption.we are aim to provide products with technical updates, better quality, better service, and better performance.