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sichuan zhongji technology co., ltd,which is a subsidiary of cck group, is a trade service company specialized in the sales of large-scale machining equipment, electrical equipment, tools and equipment and spare parts.

the company is mainly engaged in the sales of imported cnc electromechanical equipment, the use of software, the assembly and transformation of equipment, providing system integration solutions for factory process layout and equipment selection, providing users with optimal configuration, from the initial selection of equipment to the after-sales service. we can also undertake the intelligent upgrade and transformation of intelligent equipment and the integration of intelligent robots.

zhong ji is authorised by prima company as general agency in sichaun and chong qing. acting sales of prima company's full range of products, including computer numerical control turret punch, servo cnc turret punch, flexible machining unit punching and shearing machine, flexible machining unit punching laser machine, electrical servo punch laser a machine tool, 〝 midnight express sheet metal flexible processing production line, cnc servo bending plate center, hydraulic cnc bending machine mechanical arm, hydraulic cnc shearing machine, co2 / fiber laser cutting machine, three-dimensional laser cutting welding machine.

zhong ji is authorized by nitty gritty,an italy company, as a distributor to promote the sale of nitty gritty bead cleaning machine,and pickling equipment. we are also authorised as the distributor of italy bevelling machine and rolling machine.