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about cck group
简兴福/ 董事局主席

      the enterprises born from society, develop with society, and themore important is to contribute to society. cck holds the ideas of"people oriented", "honest and integrity to whole world", "syncretisejustice and interest" and "create benefits for society". cckprovides high quality competitive products to satisfy the society byworld first class technology and management.

      by accommodating all rivers, the sea is formed, for more prosperousfuture, we are openly to cooperate with all friends from everywhereto achieve mutual benefits and win-win successes. we dedicateourselves heart and soul with all employees and partners, hand inhand, with our sweat and wisdom to build a better future.

      all rivers run into sea and we are open to cooperate with all friendsfrom every field and achieve mutual benefits and win-win success.we would like to develop with all employees and partners to pushsocial development and create a better future by diligence andintelligence.